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W-4 Form

The W-4 Form is completed by an employee so the employer can withhold the correct amount of federal income tax from your pay. When you are hired for a new job, you will be required to complete a W4 Form to let your employer know how much tax to withhold.

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Accounting Relief

W-2 Accounting supports web based software from Accountants World Power Practice. Web-based accounting software is the future of bookkeeping and accounting, and we are on the forefront of this cutting edge software.

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GA Department Of Revenue

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GA Secretary of State

Interested in filing a corporation in the state of Georgia? W-2 Accounting can assist in this process. The GA Secretary of State's website has lots of useful information on the process, and we can fill in the gaps for you.
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Internal Revenue Service

Everybody's favorite website!
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Payroll Relief

W-2 Accounting uses Payroll Relief from Accountants World Power Practice, a web-based software that maximizes our payroll processing abilities. Learn about the awesome features of our service by clicking the link!
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